"Christmas On The Isthmus"

Parties at the Tivoli, with a huge Christmas tree---
Dancing to Lucho's music,
or watching Leroy play that huge organ,
was a fascinating sight to see.

Dr. Herr, Mr. Thompson, or Dr. Kennedy directing the BHS choir---
The music was performed like magic,
because by "them" we were inspired.

The "Marti's" always competed with the "Panzer's",
to see who decorated the most---
The "Panzer's" usually won with their abundance of lights,
they were always a truly great host.

It was a tradition, to drive around the Canal Zone
to see the many Christmas lights---
The brightly decorated "Santa Claus Lane",
was always "my" favorite sight.

Only from Goethal's Memorial, did we "Zonians"
enjoy "snow", ah....that is, "soap-flake snow"--
The bubbles looked like real snowflakes,
softly flying high into the Prado's palm trees--
as long as the wind would blow.

By boat, our Christmas trees would arrive---
The trees were limited, and nobody will ever forget...
waiting in those very long lines....

Beautiful poinsettias bloomed "on time" so "naturally",
but the Christmas tree was the best part of Christmas time---
Their pine scent was so unlike our abundant trees of mango, palm, or lime.

Burning the Christmas trees together after Christmas,
a sense of friendship and community---
The blaze would be huge at first,
but later the fire was just right for cooking marshmallows or hot dogs....
on a small branch from a tree.

"Christmas On The Isthmus"---
So many wonderful lasting memories....within each of us.

Snow W. Frost

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