"El Prado"

The Prado was a very special place to me---
Lined with two rows of Royal Palm trees,
quite a beautiful sight to see.

Once a year, the base of the trees were hand-painted white---
It made the trees look royal and bold,
and they grew to a very tall height.

Large, white-washed homes, were parallel to the trees,
And when day turned to night, chugging down the Prado streets, came the truck dispensing its thick fog of DDT.

In one direction of the Prado, was the Clubhouse,
a fine place to eat---
Or, swim at the pool, buy a comic,
or go to the movies for a treat.

The Administration Building, with its 113 stairs,
sat high on Ancon Hill at the "other" Prado end---
I remember spending many hours sliding down that steep hill,
on a piece of cardboard, with a very special friend.

Cooling off from the tropical heat, by taking off your shoes---
Wading and playing in Goethals Monument,
was always a fun thing to do.

Once in a while, the Prado was graced,
with special, "soapflake" snow---
The bubbles would fly high above the trees,
for as long and far as the wind would blow.

The grass on the Prado was always bright green and soft,
due to the rainy season of at least nine months---
The Prado, such a beautiful place, I miss it so very much.

When the streetlights came on,
the Prado was lit up very bright---
It marked the end of the day, and the peacefulness of night.

The Prado will always be a very special place to me---
It will remain unchanged "forever", in my heart and memory.

Snow W. Frost

CZ Memories

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