"Part Of My Zone"

When the streetlights come on you come home.
Ring-a-levio is over my son; kick the can is done
Bee-bee Bumble-bee, everybody come in free.
...99, 100! Here I come ready or not…

Can I go out and play after dinner?

I don't care what the other kids do
You're not the other kids…
And don't run behind the fog machine
If it stops you could get hurt.
Remember mosquitoes come out after dark.

The toads cluster beneath the streetlights
awaiting the coming of the bugs;
don't touch them you'll get warts.
The white milk they leak when you kick em is poison.

At Gorgas every year they raise the age for visitors
When I'm 100 I still won't be able to visit Mom.
We left the top loose on the salt;
watch when he uses it --
Sugar in the salt shaker? No kidding!

Let's get soaked on the way back to school
so we can go home and get changed.
Oh Yeah! Wanna meet me behind the bowling alley?
Metal shop is for Seniors to goof off...

El Rancho is the answer to everything...
Aqua Velva and Dixie Peach keeps your hair neat.
All the girls are skinny dipping at Cocoli lake tonight.

Why did the Church Youth groups chaperones think
they could stay awake longer than teenagers in love?
Don't make out on the beach; the sand gets everywhere!

Chickens in Santa Clara sleep in trees.
The roosters crow when you shine a spotlight on them
and are hard to hit with a 22 pistol
when they won't shutup...

Sleeping in a closed car with a green mosquito
punk ring burning all night is why my eyes are red.

written by
© Dale Clarke
BHS "63"

CZ Memories

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All rights reserved.
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