"Fresh Start"

Wake up! Today is a fresh "new" day...
"New" things to do, and "new" things to say.

Yesterday is gone...it's "over and done"...
Today is a "fresh" start, "new" challenges to be won.

Listen to a "new" song today, and make way for more to come...
Fix a "new" storage space, for the completion of "new" things done.

Don't waste time worrying about the mistakes of yesterday...
There's "fresh" chances to say what needs to be said..."today".

So, wake up, and realize today is "another" day...
There's "new" things to do, and "new" things to say.

Snow W. Frost
Dedicated to Johnathan and Theodore Roebuck, because of the many "chances" they have given me over and over again, "to make it right".

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